Yes, I also do training in English.

A survey which I carried out together with the journal ‘acquisa’ revealed that with business telephone calls as a rule the following three points came in for criticism:

  1. The callers are usually not adequately prepared for the company or the person they are calling.
  2. The callers need much too long to come to the point.
  3. The benefit to the customer is not made clear.

The good news for you: With professional support all these challenges can be met. As a specialist in telephone communication, sales and acquisition, I am able to train and coach both you and your employees to be the top in your field. Professionalism makes ‘the’ difference.

  • I specifically do not offer one-off training sessions, but develop middle and long-term training and support concepts.
  • Clients emphasize as my most positive quality, my ability to estimate available employee potential a lot faster than average, and to quickly develop an appropriate, practically oriented optimization plan which I then present convincingly and coherently to all concerned.
  • It is for good reason that clients who regularly use my services include many market leaders.